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  • Ethiopia's Danakil Depression - in pictures

    Danakil Depression

    See 9 amazing photos of Danakil Depression here

    Located in the northeastern corner of Ethiopia near the border with Eritrea, the Danakil Depression has been called “the gateway to Hell” because it is one of the hottest and harshest places on Earth, withreports USA Today. Rain almost never falls here.

    This vast desert basin lies 150 feet below sea level and the landscape looks almost otherworldly, characterized by two active volcanoes, the bubbling Erta Ale living lava lake (one of only four in the world), geysers, acid ponds and impressive expanses of yellow mounds of sulfur, salt and mineral deposits. 

    The region is also known for its camel caravans. For centuries, and transport it back by camel to the nearest town of Berahile, according to The Daily Mail. This journey back takes about two to three days.

    Tourists can also visit this remote destination, although caution is advised, reports Lonely Planet, because there have been some killings and kidnappings in recent years. , according to the travel website, so visitors must book their trip through a tour operator based in Addis Ababa or Mekele. In addition, because of the hot climate, it is not recommended that anyone with a heart condition visit the Danakil Depression, writes Lonely Planet, and all visitors should .

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